Selling / trading acrimony [Closed]

I am just looking for offers for my acrimony, it could be really be any of these things: Sunkens, seasonals, galleons or good armor pieces.

80k for it?


I will be avaliable in like 6 hours probably?

Sadly i wont be available until like 6 hours from now. Does that work for you?

i can give 90k now

I am sorry but someone is overbiding you

To make it fair ill wait for like 12 more hours or something so people can overbid eachother. I am mostly interested in items rn though but ofcourse galleons would also be okay.

i don’t have 12 hours time though

How much u got

at most 10 hours but after that i’ll be unavailable for a short while

I mean ofcourse it could be in like a day or smth

I messed up I also wont be available in 12 hours

I will just wait for the topic to close and I will message the person that sent the best offer alright?






These are good offers but I am also looking for armor pieces or scrolls, mainly looking for attack speed and power.