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LOOKING FOR: Hard Iron Boots

[DM me if you have an offer: draka#5406]


Accessories/Vanity Items
3x Valk Helm (Brown, Pink, Magenta ALL CLEAN)
5x Capes (Orange, Green, Teal, 2x Beige ALL CLEAN)
2x Dual Armbands (Clean Grey, Hard Brown)
1x Dual bracelets (Blue CLEAN)
5x Hoods (3x Teal, Pink, Beige ALL CLEAN)
3x Pirate Captain’s Hats (Purple, Blue, Red ALL CLEAN)
2x Tricorn Hats (White, Yellow ALL CLEAN)
6x Iron Helments (4x Clean, 1x Forceful, 1x Bursting)
3x Iron Armor (2x Clean, 1x Nimble)
2x Iron Boots (1x Forceful, 1x Swift)
3x Wizard Hat (Clean Green, Clean Black, Swift Orange)
5x Wizard Robes (Clean Lime, 2x Clean Cobalt, Clean White, Black Forceful)
5x Wizard Pants (Lime, Green, Brown, 2x Magenta ALL CLEAN)
2x Merc Jackets (Red, Grey ALL CLEAN)
4x Merc Boots (3x Clean, 1x Forceful)
1x Warrior’s Coat (Teal)
Amulets [all dull]
3x Agility Amulet (Clean)
5x Knockback Amulet (Clean)
2x Magic Size Amulet (Clean)
3x Defense Amulet (Clean)
1x Magic Speed Amulet (Clean)
1x Power Amulet (Clean)
1x Power Amulet (Level 90)
1x Defense Amulet (Level 120)
140x Smoke Arrows
785x Arrows

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