Selling / Trading

Trading :
Magnetic 2x
Poison tooth dagger 6x
Lesser Magma Ram
17k Galleons
Kai’s Saber 6x
Titanium Armor (110)
Centurion Armor (120)
Elius Pants (70)
Fair Defense amulet (110)
Axe Slash Scroll
Strong Bronze Cannons
Valk (Magenta, Brown)
MLF: Calvus gear, Sunkens, Seasonals, and strong scrolls

Moved to #marketplace. Added #selling and #trading.

would u do 2 daggers for 500 galleons and one calvus gear, and 3 halloween seasonals (bag, crow, couldron)?

I also got a ton of random scrolls, disc?

or switch out calvus for strong scroll

seasonal Green Dark Omen Mask for poison tooth dagger

what do you want for kai’s saber ?

id like the poison tooth dagger please, do you have any way i can contact you?

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