Selling various loots for smoke arrows/crowns! (DM offers, 最高の存在#0487)

Good Items:
-Power Amulet DULL (lvl 50), (x2)
-Power Amulet POOR, (x2)
-Red Wizard Robes (lvl 50), (x1)
-Brown Wizard Hat (lvl 60), (x1)
-Green Wizard Hat (lvl 60), (x1)
-Defense Amulet DULL (lvl 60), (x1)
-Defense Amulet DULL (lvl 50), (x1)
-Defense Amulet POOR, (x3)
-Strong Purple Mystery Mask (lvl 40), (x1)
-Strong Agility Amulet (lvl 60), (x1)
-Strong Magic Size Amulet (lvl 50), (x1)
-Brown Keen Wizard Hat (lvl 50), (x1)
-Bursting Grey Pirate Hat (lvl 60), (x1)

Colored Item:
-Cobalt, Black, Lime, Red Dual Armbands (lvl 60, 60, 60, 60), (x1 of each)
-Brown, Yellow, Blue, Beige, Pink Hood (lvl 50, 60), (x2 of Yellow, x1 of others)
-Beige, Pink, Orange, Purple (x2) Warrior’s Coat (lvl 50, 50, 60, 50, 50), (x1 of each others)
-Green, Black, Brown Mercenary Jacket (lvl 60), (x1 of each)
-Lime, Black, Red, Blue, Teal bandana, (x1 of each)
-Black, Brown, Yellow, Pink Mercenary Jacket (x1 of each)
-Cobalt Cape, (x1)
-Green, Yellow Valk, (x2 green, x1 yellow)

Other Items:
-Warrior boots (lvl 60), (x6)
-Destruction Amulet DULL (lvl 60), (x2)
-Agility Amulet DULL (lvl 60), (x1)
-Casting Speed Amulet DULL (lvl 60), (x1)
-Magic Size Amulet DULL (lvl 60), (x2)
-Iron Boots (lvl 60), (x2)
-Iron Armor (lvl 60), (x1)

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