Selling x3 pulsar

looking for calvus pieces + add, or multiple other boss pieces.

I have Argos, Carina, Cernyx, and Elius pieces. How many for x1 Pulsar?

sorry for the late response, ill take 3 carina and elius pieces/ 2 cernyx and argos pieces for 1 pulsar

i have like 4 full sets of calvus armor all clean
can we do that for the 4 pulsar?

I’ll do this, multiple times if possible, you available now?

sorry for the late response, when you’re available can you tell me what exactly are you offering for the 4 pulsar?

also ill have to wait for the other guy to answer since his offer seems better…

Yo if you’re still doing this trade I can give one pulsar for one set of calvus armor if thats what your trade is

alright, join me at tadetadetade2

ill join but just to clarify, what exactly does one set of calvus armor include?

alright im still selling 4 pulsar

only selling 3 pulsar now

this is still up for anyone wondering

uh i already traded the calvus sets

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