Series of air swim bug

Swimming bug a.k.a. infinite stamina/flying/best for long travelling bug
*Several bugs are explained here, marked by ‘:question:’.
**No F9 errors are found
***I guess the mechanics is that you tricked the server to believe you’re still in the water.
:question:How to trigger swimming bug (video demonstration below at pond near Riverville):

  1. Find an area where you can touch the side of water surface like this. Here are several spots I’ve found: (white spots of the map) (there may be more idk)
    -pond in Bronze Grassland
    -pond near Riverville
    -river near Bell village
  2. Stick your body to the wall and your left arm to the water. Note that you should be really close to the water, like you almost trigger the swimming action.
  3. Point your cursor to opposite direction of water and cast a spell (I find blast the most effective. I haven’t tried but maybe using weapon skills can also trigger it). There will be a short endlag after you cast the spell. Immediately hold shift and spacebar together.
  4. If you’ve found yourself floating on air, the bug is done.
    (Notice: the other two spots requires more precise adjustment of your body near the water surface. They still work.)
    Video link: Swimming bug - YouTube
    :question:How to gain height (3 methods):
    a. If you time it right, you can gain infinite height by holding shift and space when you trigger the swimming bug.
    b. Jump to the sea and hold space. Infinite height is reached (to my surprise even the sea is glitched).
    c. Jump to shallow water surface, such as the small waterfall near The Silent Tower. The water at Lake Atgestes is already too deep.
    d. Climb on any surface.
    :question:How to have infinite stamina:
  5. Hold space
  6. Press ctrl, done.
    :question:How to remove water particles:
    a. Change your clothes. That’s it :mariomug:
    (Note that if you touch the ground then swim again, water particles will be back.)
    :question:How to break the bug (2 methods):
    a. T jump/magic jump/sunken sword Q. You can no longer float but the swimming animation still present with water particles emitting when you sprint.
    b. Jump to the water. Everything returns to normal.

all known bugs i think

there’s people reporting this bug before but they don’t know how they’ve replicated it. And for some reason I’ve never seen anyone performing it in any server

Well, prepare to see

because the people who do know how to pull it off also probably know that it is bannable


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