Server Region: What is Null Island

This place can only mean one thing, Null Island is Mimhere Island

Null means: having no legal or binding force; invalid.

The findings of mimhere island is Null, it is not valid yet. But this could be real, mimhere island is a real region.

When something is name null that means it’s a secret, whenever theres a secret there is a clue, our clue is “island”. And something that rhymes with it is “Mimhere Island”. So Mimhere Island is real, it’s not fake. It’s in real life right now in ( 0°N 0°E / 0°N 0°E / 0; 0)

There lies a great treasure everybody talks about called the"One Piece", somebody named Mimhere island place the great treasure on that island in ( 0°N 0°E / 0°N 0°E / 0; 0). Nobody knows where it is still because it was surrounded by dark thunderstorm of clouds.

It was said that the first to find it will get the best super-computer and the lowest of ping there as well. This treasure was also created by the olympian gods including Mimhere Island. This island is being hunted for, the hunt begins.


Time to fly to africa

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is this where I can also find the legendary person who asked?

and even maybe… I can find the mysterious father figure?

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this is where my adventure begins! i will form my own pirate crew, and then i will truely embark on a journey to find mimhere island and its treasure!


Alright, here is my plan:
Step One: Convince my parents to takes us on a vacation to Nigeria.
Step Two: Convince my parents to rent a boat (must have an inside because of the storms) and sail to 0, 0.
Step Three: Convince my parents to go ashore.
Step Four: Get the treasure and go.

wheres ur storm protection

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every time i see you make a comment i yearn more for a thumbs down reaction

who is this random

seafoam is one of the homies wdym


nahhhh bro you wildin whats gotten into you?? :sob:

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just tryna defend somebody guh

Alright Broly, whatever you say. :confused:

why do you sound angry :pensive:

im not angry just a little disappointed but everyones free to do as they wish :muscle:

disappointment is even worse :pensive:

how can I turn this around

i have the beyond average dumptruck size so this makes me better

gimmie a handshake and all is forgiven :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:




cryopunk is also technically a random but he’s cool so idc