Shadow and Truth: Prologue

The King must trust only what he can see with his eyes
The Mage is fated to fight these lies
Savant, reality flips around in her mere presence
The Raven will change face with every noise

The seven warlords are attempting to converse via the new communication devices that were engineered by Marie Ogami, the situation around Aberon is growing.



Opal Crest: Leo we’re all struggling at our own designated locations, but we’re all too far to help each other, I’m sorry but none of us can help you at the moment!


Zoe Castillo: They already left Aberon into the Epicenter to go after the star dial. They won’t be back any time soon, so we just have to deal with these Atlanteans on our own.

Leo Pollux begs to himself, and whatever god is out there watching him

Leo Pollux: Please let this work… we can’t lost any more people to these things.

Far from the city under siege, the four emperors pursue the object they were looking for, the star dial allows for whoever uses it to call upon a god from another world, hopefully the four emperors, rulers of the united kingdom of Aberon could hopefully use it to stop the sudden attacks of creatures on their lands. They haven’t seen anything like these creatures, they hoped that finding this large island and away from a life on the seas would help them, but all it’s done is lead them to an equally worse fate.

The King, The Mage, The Savant, and The Raven.

Annie Cloud, The wandering Mage: Any sign of it?

Am an suddenly appears from a cloud of shadow, clad in red and black.

Arron Silver, The Crimson Raven: Nope, I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Lucius Eve, The New King of Ravenna: We need to keep searching! The star dial could be the only way to stop those monsters from attacking Aberon and destroying everything.

The last of the emperors merely stays quiet, not uttering a word as they walk fowards, occasionally glancing from side to side in a paranoic manner.

Lucius Eve: Something on your mind Lara?

Lara Kai, The Mad Savant: It’s nothing…

Lucius Eve: If you say so, but remember that you can talk to us if you need to.

Lara Kai: There’s too much at stake right now, we need to find the star dial, and leave as soon as possible. I don’t think we’re the only ones here.

Arron Silver: What makes you think that?

Lara Kai: I’ve dealt with this feeling before… being watched, being listened to. Something is here. Or someone. That’s what I can’t figure out yet.

Annie Cloud: What’s that in the ground over there!

Annie points to a glowing object in the obsidian rubble, shining like a star in the night sky, illuminating the darkness around it, devoid of light as brilliant as the object.

Lara attempts to pick up the object, with it appearing a glowing star, with an orb in the center.

Yet before she can do anything with it, a blast of wind blasts her arm, leaving her unharmed yet with the star dial knocked out of her hands.

Two masked figures appear from an obsidian hilltop, jumping down as their robes flow with the wind.


One of the masked figures speak, a feminine and maniacal voice filling the air.

Masked figure one: Thank you for finding the star dial for us, The rest of the Exiled audience would love to thank you on behalf of our goddess.

Before they can make a move with the star dial, an ominous noise plays throughout the area, cracking even the hard obsidian on the floor.

Lucius Eve: Third unlock: Spirit Veil!

A shroud of darkness covers the battlefield, as Lucius transforms into a wisp-like spirit, moving at incredibly fast speeds and greatly increasing his attack power, at the cost of being more vulnerable in this fragile form.

He stabs one of the masked figures with his Triasta, causing them to bleed profusely.

The dark veil disappearing, as only one of the masked figures are still conscious.

Masked figure two: GIVE THAT THING TO ME!

He reaches out to grab it, yet Lara in an attempt to shoot the figure, accidentally shoots the star dial, destroying its color fades and it shatters.

The four emperors gasp, as the star dial crumbles.

Yet the shards begin to reform, as the dial begins to glow with aetheral light…

As a beam of black and white light beams into the sky, figure steps out of the dark, clad in ominous shadows.

The figure is strangely familiar to Lara. As she attempts to recall such a person.

Then she remembers

Lara Kai: A melody… of black and white…

Lucius Eve: What are you talking about Lara?!

Lara Kai: So… he’s still alive after all.

Annie Cloud: Who’s still alive?

Lara Kai: his name is…

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