Shadow Conjurer or Lightning Conjurer

weapon loadout: kai saber/elius scimitars, ptd, staff (no sunken sword)

  • Shadow
  • Lightning

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i don’t want to switch from shadow to lightning solely because of the fact that i’ll lose 410k renown (sigh i wish you could transfer renown from files or change first magic)

Ymmm idk whats the diffrence so choose shadow I guess

as a shadow mage…
shadow got no synergies… so personally i’d like something to go with bleed, and you also have that SS.
you may be able to do rising tide + smth to hit the ground quickly

lightning conjurer is lame as FUCK but shadow can look rlly cool so yea

i traded the SS for an acrimony and easter valkyrie

(i completely forgot that conjurers must also utilize their magic and shadow does higher damage so there’s that in balancing lightning’s similar imbuement damage and faster speed)

a… i read it wrong xd
oh well you still have bleed… yea…

also does shadow conjurer do more damage than lightning conjurer (weapon imbuement)

both are horrible picks for conj, if you don’t wanna go with a DoT magic I’d pick water or ice or even earth (but if you’re gonna go with something as slow as earth you may aswell just use magma, same thing but DoT) maybe, depends on how fast you want the magic to be

How many of these posts have you made about switching builds or magics or whatever

Just pick a build and stick with it that’s how you get good instead of being a slave to the meta

(Lightning conj)


wait iz bad?
why’d half(maybe less) the players go lightning conj…

i have internal conflict about being a metamancer and picking a build that’s fun/cool (i’m used to it for example)

i think everyone’s just bored and wants to try new builds…
(just imo)

It’s horrendous, low dmg, low size, good speed sure but that doesn’t compensate for the dmg and size + ice does sunken sword gimmick way better. It’s really popular now but it’s so shit

wow… qutie a move from the AO community, to pick smth like that.

Lol ok

How can someone be this indecisive

mmmmm interesting… lotta builds
(no arch im not saying ur what he said no offense plz)

now i still sadly cant decide :sob:


wait, what? as far as i can remember, lightning does very similar damage to unimbued. how much damage do other magic imbuements do

The lightning bleed synergy got fixed so now skills deal slightly more damage than unimbued weapons but still have that speed

it’s slightly more than unimbued but compared to most of the other choices you can pick thats very :sleeping_bed: :sleeping_bed: :sleeping_bed: especially considering you don’t even get any DoT nor any big size buffs, just useless unnecessary speed

well, shadow is good as a solo magic for stuff like mage as it is a well rounded magic with no synergies. But on a conjurer, you’re strongest when you have access to a bleed synergy, at least from what I know. There are obviously exceptions like light conjurer, which is just good due to how insanely fast it is and how good you can pressure your opponent with it. But many other meta conj builds, suck as lightning or sand, are good because of the bleed synergy.