Shadow effect really sucks

Who in their right damn mind though about giving a magic which is boring as hell an even worse effect which does nothing?

I’ve used shadow for a LONG time (its the only magic I’ve used), and who in their right mind thought “lets make them colorblind, but the colorblind has no affect against any but ONE magic”. It seems so unneeded, so why bother have it in the game at the first place? To give shadow a “oh haha cool unique quirky status buff” effect? In all honestly, why not just REMOVE the affect? Shadow in and of itself is a pretty boring and bland magic, so why give it an affect that does ABSOLUTELY nothing? Its like you make a pork chop, but it has no flavor to it, so to substitute, you add the most FLAVORFUL, DELICIOUS spice yet. Salt. That’s what it feels like to give a magic an effect which does nothing at all but make them colorblind, and make you take less damage from light (who the hell is even gonna use light shadow as a combo?). I mean, come on, either give shadow a better effect, or just remove it. There’s no need for it whatsoever if it changes nothing.

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a whole post ranting about Shadow’s Effect.
How original…

I felt that

Might have a use once the game gets even more progressed. I mean, vetex already knows that and yet he still haven’t changed it so this would mean that it’ll have a use later.

Hm, true. Darkness and Aether could have interactions with Drained and Blinded…

you think it ISNT shit? Convince me it isnt bruh


Shadow’s a good enough magic on it’s own, it doesn’t need something fancy like a DOT
no matter how low damage the DOT will be

Yeah but at the same time it doesn’t appeal to the need for the edglord edginess everyone wants.

another shadow complaint
get in line

just dodge, ur bad