Shadow magic synergy?

So I have been looking around the forums recently and have seen a comment in a thread claiming that wind is invisible when the target is color blinded. I’ve been curious about what I should choose for a second magic as a shadow user and I’m still not sure if wind is not visible when you’re color blinded, can someone try this out?

Shadow and Light have no syngergies, but both of them are really good on their own so just use whatever magic you personally prefer or like. As for the whole colour blindness topic, the black and white screen will make certain magics hard to differenciate, and seeing as the normal wind variant is a grey-white, I assume it will camouflage or near camoflage when you’re colour-blinded, but this is just a speculation since I’ve never tried it out.

I’m aware shadow has no synergies but I guess wind could possibly be a synergy if it’s invisible when you’re color blinded.

Tbh it seems kinda pointless if the blast was invisible or not. The current client side pvp makes it so blasts will go in different directions but still hit for some reason. Essentially its a pointless perk

Good point but there’s a possibility Vetex could convert the pvp to server sided.

literally, i remember a gold blast being shot in a completly direction to where i was, then a couple seconds later it just hit me