Shame and insult anyone who participated in this post

I wonder what insult I’m gonna get

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Your name is like if Dark Souls was gae

Ur pfp is goofy ah its a legit dog head sticking out of foam

can’t even count to 5


you speak the language of the ancient ottoman empire

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1 2 3 4 5

You are not funny


insult me cuz ur probably actually good at it and I wanna see

why does this topic exist :sleeper:

rename the person above you topic’s evil twin

Idk I’m bored and have nothinhg to do

Isnt this thread just toxicity bait

yea pretty much

Well, not intentionally. Now that I think abt it tho, even I agree. II was just bored :sob:

Probably a savant.

Secretly has a savant save

Honestly have nothing against you at all, and you seem way too chill for me to find any dirt so uh…

You probably smell sometimes. Idk.


Doesn’t actually use water in AO