Shame and insult anyone who participated in this post

You aren’t actually legally alive, since nobodies seen you in so long the government declared you dead.





Henceforth from this finest hour, I do usher you into this topic, good fellow. I implore you not to insult, but to uplift.
translation: welcome, from now on uplift people here instead of shaming them


Spongebob Boowomp by IWantSomeBagles Sound Effect - Meme Button - Tuna

remember, no matter how much good you make, there is always one person that always hates you.
dont give up now

Ok. Hi.

You suck

You had all the time in the world to think of an insult, and that is what you come up with?

You have the time to bother supporting the game on Patreon, but can’t be bothered to write an info section on your profile other than just “hi”?

Come on, I’ve seen people in their parents’ basement make better insults. “You suck?” Really?

mudkip is for normies :joy:

real gamers enjoy torchic

Mudkip isn’t even my favorite Hoenn starter! It’s Treecko!

Also I swear to hell and back if autocorrect tries fucking me over one more time I will make a Time Machine and actively try to stop its creation

actually that kinda makes sense now that I think about it