Shark Noodling Thread

I find it funny that the game allows you to ask about killing a shark with your bare hands and yet calls you insane for it.

Oh my dear friend, what is shark noodling? Well shark noodling is the art of simply punching sharks to death with nothing more than your bare hands, just like the art of “noodling”, only arguably more safer. Why noodle sharks? Well besides the fact that current weapons are dogshit, it’s just funny as all hell to punch a red eyes to death. That is my goal currently, simply soling a red eyes with nothing more than my bare fucking hands.


theres a red eyes???

Didn’t know Vetex made a collab with Yu-Gi-oh the hell

Trying to get into the SPC, eh?

I LOVE kicking sharks

Cheer mate, what’s your kill count?

lich just casually tryna recruit people into the SPC

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