Shenanigans to keep myself and others entertained till nimbus

Hey. The ocean is cool, but it isnt cool enough. Whenever i take a swim, it is very barren. I liked swimming better during the easter brewing update when the “marine wildlife” was brimming. I want to bring those days back, and it is possible to do so, it just costs abit.

I want to see how much “marine wildlife” we can spawn with bleed potions. personally I don’t want to do it alone because its gonna require alot of time and it wont be as fun.

Would anyone be down to throw bleed potions into the water with me?

If enough people are down, ill iron out the details better

I already do that. Except I hunt them all!!! WAHAHA!!!

Double White Eyes wasn’t fun to fight but Poison Jaws Daggers :hugs:

i just want to survive against 1000 sharks in a sailboat lol

Sharks won’t do a thing against a ship. Just don’t jump off it

nah they will if u spawn 1000 of them. and u use an attachment to make their ai start circling you

They don’t attack the ship though

yes they do

Well, it’s never happened to me :person_shrugging:

they circle around it and get closer and closer, once they’re close enough they just ram into it and deal damage.

I thought it only happened with megalodons and white eyes

Yeah, this AI for other sharks only happens when you are on an attachment and they are agro’d

White eyes and megalodons just do it by default

Time to put my 100 bleeding potions to use

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cool, if two more people are down then ill set up a date and discord group

The hero we need… SHARK REPEL POTIONS!