Shift Lock is Possible Right Now

I did not put this topic in #bug-reports because I could not replicate it currently. If I should please let me know.

As I was battling the Minotaur, the Steam login screen popped up. Because I was holding and pressing buttons the password began typing itself as well. When I exited out of the login screen, my mouse stayed in the same position without me needing to hold down right-click. I was able to cast spells and use weapons while “shift lock.”

I tried to record the gameplay through Roblox, the shift lock canceled. This caused me to think, there must be a way to lock right-click by just pressing it once.

Imagine shift lock pvp…

That would change the way everyone would fight for good.
(Would be fun ngl, but everyone would instantly become 100x more dangerous)

It was possible before as well, you can just position the mouse in your preferred position on the screen and hold right click, then tab out and release right click. When you tab back into Roblox you get your ghetto shiftlock until you accidentally press right click again and mess it up, then just repeat the process.