Shinobi Life 2 Was

The other day shinobi life 2 got content deleted.
Pokemon Brick Bronze Flashbacks

No matter how shit or how amazing you thought the game was, you have to respect the developers for putting in that much effort to make the game.
They don’t know if the game will come back but…
All this means is ARCANE ODYSSEY WINNIN’!
Haha lol trash grindy p2w game got taken down because they put “Naruto” in the group name and expected not to get a dmca.
This just proves that Arcane Odyssey is and will always be the superior game because all of the games lore and shit is original.
Quit making rpg simulators based on anime.


watch nintendo copystriking AO for having odyssey in its name


Will people be refunded for buying the game’s access?

no get noob noob big onbbb noob noonb boob

Sl2 had the shittiest spin system I’ve ever seen in any anime game on roblox tbh

i know they saw it coming.

funny game where you can name your spell skill issue when

Effort? Isn’t it the same game as SL1?

I got to like lvl500 on SL2 with my brother for some reason, but haven’t played much SL1. From my experience it’s the exact same game, just refurbished.

I don’t remember much from sl1, but I do remember it had a taijutsu skill tree and its areas were interconnected.

Next adopt me dmca takedown from nurseries for having babies in it.

The game was actually good
well now it is ded,arcane oddysey Winning

ah yes, i tried sl2… it was not good.

Now let’s hope the creators of one piece destroy all one piece games.


fuck all of them
wipe them all out

Anime game :nauseated_face: