Ship Attachment: Mounted Telescope

Ship Attachment: Mounted Telescope
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Mounted Telescope

This ship attachment would be placed at your ship’s crow’s nest(s) if if it has one. Pressing E on this attachment would make the user look through the telescope’s lens like the image below. The scope would have 1-3 options depending on the telescope’s rarity: 2x view, 4x view, and 8x view. While in telescope view, you can see through fog, heavy rain, and the dark. This could be used to scout out claimed islands to see how strong their defenses are and the best way to approach, dark sea islands to see what kind of loot is on land, enemy ships to see the level of their captain and quartermaster and possibly more uses that I can’t think of right now.

Now you might be thinking, “doesn’t this make clearsight potions useless?” and the answer is no, since clearsight potions give you full 360 degree vision and you can move around freely while the clearsight effect is active. On the other hand, the mounted telescope only allows you to see clearly through the lens which has a limited view and keeps you in place.

There could also be a carriable tool as well, the Monoscope

This would be a tool similar to the shovel and fishing rod that you can carry on you. This would allow you to zoom in on NPCs, players, and islands from a distance. It would only have the 2x and 4x option (also depending on the rarity) and wouldn’t automatically see through fog, rain, and the dark like the mounted telescope.


How rare would the scan scroll be though? And how would you get it? Being able to see someone’s build would give an immense advantage at first in PvP especially for more customisable classes (mostly weapon ones)

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I actually very much like this idea


tbh “Scan” was just an example of a possible enchantment I didn’t put too much thought into balancing it, but if it was in the game it would be a very rare scroll, a bit rarer than T2 scrolls. Also maybe the scan time would be 8 seconds to make it a bit harder since you’d rarely catch someone standing still for 8 seconds unless they really get caught lacking.

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Yeah, I love the idea of telescopes

the monoscope enchants are pretty meh. they feel like clutter after you’ve gotten one of each. also the effects of them aren’t really that great for a game like AO, and are either very underpowered or very overpowered.
simply remove the echants and it’s a very good suggestion


I thought every other tool had enchantments so it was a necessity but I just remembered torches, camp markers, and repair hammers are all tools without enchantments so you’re right.

Would make teamwork sailing in the dark sea more interesting and have somewhat of a reason behind it

sounds good, IF i can view the stars as well. i wanna see the entirety of space from my crow’s nest.

but this would actually be extremely fun, especially if in future seas, the islands are more spread out, rather than everything being in view at higher graphic settings

So many bumps, how does the system choose what to bump anyways?

Good suggestion, though I think it should also increase render distance while you are on it. I also worry that it would work weirdly on low graphics since you already can’t see an island right in front of you at those graphics levels


according to the trello, vetex plans to add auroras eventually so yea itd be cool if you could zoom into them and maybe even see constellations. could even be a badge for finding every constellation or something


I’m pretty sure auroras already exist

They don’t, as far as I’ve seen

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erm add now fr