Ship inventory/storage

What would your thoughts be on an inventory for your ship?
Right now when transporting cargo and sealed chests you are required to place them down on your boat. This gets quite annoying when you try placing cargo or a chest somewhere and it won’t let you because there isn’t enough space.

So what would you think of a ship inventory.
The ship inventory would appear above the compartment area on each ship like this.

(Ignore the bad quality)
Once deposited loot will stay there across servers.
The ship inventory would only have a limited space however and for smaller ships it would be less, for example:
Sailboat storage: 10
Caravel storage: 25
Ketch storage: 40
Some items would take up more/less storage depending on their weight/value. For example:
Cargo takes up 1 storage, sealed chests take up 2.

Placing items above the storage would still be possible however they will not transfer across servers.
Ship Inventory is visible from the menu but you must interact with the actual ship compartment to withdraw/deposit anything.
What do you think?

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yeah no, that makes it way too safe to hoard cargo and sealed chests. if theres any issue and you arent in combat, you just dip. beside the real benefits, you also dont feel at risk at all if nobody can see your chests or cargo on your deck.
and how would that make any sense gameplay wise to spawn your ship filled to the brim and being able to sell at your closest shipwright when joining the server


No thanks.

I could see this as a solution to players just hopping onto ships and attacking the driver because you could make it so that if a ship were to be destroyed manually, the loot would also be destroyed. Sinking a ship through naval combat would drop the loot.

But this could also cause players to just needlessly blow up every player boat they see in case it’s full of goodies.

I do that anyways
if i determine your boat is sufficently sinkable
it gets sunk (yay for the 18 bounty i get for that)

I like the idea. But if you leave the game or go to the title screen the ship’s inventory is reset.

And also when your ship is sunk the items in the cargo appear in the water around the boat.