Ship Part Info and Meta Ship Equipment Poll

I fully disagree with speed being the only good stat for ship parts unless you only use your ship for travelling

Caravels are by far the better ship battles ship so having high amounts of durability and ram dmg is very nice. Turning speed is great too and so is ram defense. I dont see how any stat besides stability is situational

ig it’s just diff shit we’re looking for w our setups , I’ve sunk like 250 ships now so I have no desire or need to sink anymore / participate in naval combat at all (therefore ram defense / magic storage / ram damage dont really matter to me personally) , so it’s all about getting from point A to point B effectively , I’m just saying that once you’ve gotten the ship parts you need the combat stats become mostly irrelevant

First section of your comment, fair enough thats why i said that if youre purely using your boat for travelling then i agree

But this is just wrong imo. Higher combat stats = faster and easier ship combat so combat stats are still relevant. But thats if youre still using your boat for combat afterall

surprisingly they can get down to 0.4x range, and metal seems to be the strongest so 2.0x damage is probably the max

I’m surprised heavy magic arcanium cannons are in second place, in my experience they’re extremely ass. at max they can get like 2x damage, but their range is so comically short that you’ll be unable to hit a lot of shots which invalidates the short reload time.
though, this is all with metal cannons. maybe the other heavy cannons are alright, but for metal you’re better off using heavy bronze cannons

Honestly quite surprised by this. I thought people would’ve preferred turning and/or sailing speed the most but I guess I was wrong.

The Bronze Framing simply has the best drip.

same, this is really weird. almost all ship talk I see is talking about maximizing speed
I personally use swift light rugged hull cuz I have plenty of speed and you have less sources of turning

poor Enizor
Vetex should make him give some magic storage at least