Ship Rework

what do you think could help ships become more fun to use in AO? personally i think more in-depth stuff (not like incredibly in depth) would be more fun, and also just give more realism to the world

i definitely think it’d be cool to have a boss arena similar to the tacken in tradelands for the fenrir boss fight
just without the bread part, just a blue circle that you can’t leave, and it’s a ship battle with docking parties and stuff, it’d be insanely cool to have

also implementing a system that the flags move where the wind goes, make the flag have your clan logo, and you can move your sails around to match the wind, so even if you aren’t going directly into the wind, you can still move it around to match and go the same speed

somehow being able to shoot the masts of a ship and have them topple over, requiring repairs

Fr, sea of thieves did right by making that a feature.

defeats the purpose of resilience stat

not really, it’d not be like your sails can just 180 or 270 to match, it’d be 45 degree angle where u could rotate your sails to match, still encouraging going with the wind

Realistically it would be closer to 80-90 degrees both ways, as IRL if wind was hitting your sails the opposite direction, you would go the opposite direction.

still feel like 80 degrees is too much for a smaller complicated sailing system