Shloopy's Travelling Emporium (W.I.P) (OPEN THOUGH SELLING)

Shloopy's Travelling Emporium (W.I.P) (OPEN THOUGH SELLING)
convenience 5.0 1 fairness 5.0 1 trustworthiness 5.0 1

Status: :green_circle:
Dm Me for Secret - @Shlooopyy
A + symbol signifies the item might be on another slot

Welcome to Me Emporium :smile:

Last Spotted at Ravenna :biohazard:


  • Currently Restocking Leave a message on what yall want :question:
  • I have so much planned for this shop :clock1:
  • Rate in the comment’s will change the rating according to.

ST Emporium’s Armorer

Early Game Item's
  • To Do
Common Item's
  • To Do
Uncommon Item's


  • Intensity Amulet (fair) 1x :yellow_circle:
  • Attack Size Amulet (fair) 1x :green_circle:

Chest and Legs

  • Swift Titanium Armor (Purple sash) (194 defense 18 attack speed) :purple_circle:


  • Shadow Bracelet :black_circle:
Rare Item's

A Bit Unorganized Sorry

  • Sandy Centurion Helmet 1x
  • Frozen Elite Noble Red Pauldron’s 1x
  • Crystalline Attack Speed Amulet 1x
  • Super Heated Defense Amulet 1x
  • Crystalline Bursting Power Amulet 1x
  • Crystalline Attack Size Amulet 1x
  • Archaic Strong Jade Deluxe Iron Helmet 1x
  • Drowned Ochre Pearl Eyepatch 1x
  • Frozen Midnight Sailor’s Headband 1x
  • Sandy Elite Knights Teal Pauldron’s x1
  • Archaic Orange Dark Leather Pant’s x1
  • Archaic Titanium Leggings x1
  • Archaic Bursting Steel Boot’s x1
  • Drowned Hunting Boot’s x2
  • Drowned Black Bright Leather Pants 1x
  • Archaic Nimble Beige Sorcerer Pants 1x
  • Frozen Teal Sorcerer Pants 1x
  • Sandy Teal Sorcerer Pants 1x

ST Emporium’s Wizard



Rare Scrolls

:large_blue_circle: :scroll:

  • 3x Lucky :green_circle:
  • 1x Marking :yellow_circle:
  • 1x Amplified :yellow_circle:
  • 1x Strong :orange_book:
  • To Do

Exotic Scroll’s

:red_circle: :scroll:

  • to do

Spell’s + Move’s


  • Selino 1x

ST Emporium’s Cauldron & Jewelcrafting Table

Genuine Item's ™

Jewel Crafting


Rare Gems
  • Emerald 1x :green_circle:
  • Ruby 1x :red_circle:
  • Tourmaline 1x :purple_circle:
  • Amethyst 4x :purple_circle:
  • Diamond 2x :blue_square:
  • Aquamarine 1x :blue_square:
  • Peridot 3x :green_circle:
  • Topaz 1x :brown_circle:
  • Tanzanite 1x :blue_square:
Exotic Gems
  • Agate 4x :green_circle:
  • Candelaria 2x :blue_heart:
  • Morenci 3x :blue_square: :brown_circle:
  • Larimar 1x :lightning_magic_var1:
  • Lapis Lazuli 3x :blue_square:
  • Malachite 3x :green_circle:
  • Seaweed x13
  • Auric Seaweed x1
  • Bone x11
  • Thornflower x10
  • Amphibous Bloom x0+
  • Aeroplast x2+
  • Metal Scrap 3x
  • Gold Apple 1x
  • Lunar Moss 4x
  • ETC pls dm and ask



  • Star Coral 2x :star2:
  • Sunken Element 2x :blue_square:
  • Giant Clam 2x :clamp:
  • Golden Pearl 2x :oyster:
  • Blue Clam 2x
  • Scallop 10x
  • Common/T1 Catalysts: 424x
  • DSE 1x
  • Gold Apple 1x
  • Leg Fish Scale - 1x
    Check jewel crafting reagents some may match if not DM ME AND ASK


  • Atlantean Essence 1x

ST Emporium’s Blacksmith

Weapon's (TO DO)

A Mysterious Corner Toward The Back Of The Ship

Dark Sea Item's
  • Atlantean Ochre Caped Silver Pauldron’s
  • Atlantean Centurion Helmet
  • Atlantean Strong Shadow Archsphere
  • Atlantean Steel Armor
  • Atlantean Magenta Dark Leather Armor
  • Atlantean Pink Sailor’s Cloak

ST Emporium’s Master Chef

Food(TO DO)

ST Emporium’s Eventist

Coming Soon

ST Emporium’s Freebie’s

Coming Soon

ST Emporium’s Thanks you for shopping

hi what food and dark sea items ya got

the ones listed

i have teh axe scroll but im a conjuror can i sell it