Shop Ad (The Lost and Found)

Do something with my shop please, suck it , milk it, slap it, do something bruh. It’s so dry and berally gets any recognition, you wouldn’t let a starving child starve if you had food right, so don’t let my shop die before Ao.

Ps am mostly looking for a headless but all offers are welcomed.

This message is brought to you by Lost, never found, turn around, he is brown, turn your frown upside down.

Shop: The Lost and Found

Got bored half way through this and started rhyming, rate it out of 10.


:frhigh: huh

Well it would really depend on what food I have at the moment

clean exiled chest, clean exiled leggings, clean oath, and clean mino chest for clean sunken chest? -まいか-#0040

I’ll decline this one, sorry for replying late, I didn’t get the notification when you responded. Try to add some sunken items to your offer and it will be better.

It’s fine, yesterday I actually got lucky and got sunken chest, leggings, and helm

would you be trading them?

no, I’m keeping them for vanity

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