Shop Calculator | Check the price for enchanting and forging!

Hello everyone, I have just coded a calculator for checking the price of enchanting and forging.

You can use it fairly easily, these gifs below should explain it.

Sorry for the bad UI design, I literally had 1 day of knowledge for these languages, you could say this is my first time doing it, but it should work just as fine, I plan to revamp it once AO releases.

Although it works, I haven’t added all of the items in just yet. Every individual item has its own price for enchanting and forging, which makes gathering data very hard. That’s also the reason why I decided to release this right now, so I can get some help in gathering the data.

For those who want to contribute (You will be credited)
  1. Accessory: I need you to gather the crowns needed to enchant, forging at 2 different levels that are below 90

  2. Weapons/Chestpieces/Leggings: I need you to gather the crowns needed to enchant, forging at 3 different levels that are below 90 (The reason for this is because the pattern for enchanting and forging for these items are different)

I’ll update the items that are finished in the list below:



Eyepatch :white_check_mark:
Bandana :white_check_mark:
Leather helmet :white_check_mark:
Vistarian bracelet :white_check_mark:
Corduroy hat :white_check_mark:
Canvas hat :white_check_mark:
Glasses :white_check_mark:
Tricorns :x:
Winter cap :white_check_mark:
Straw hat :white_check_mark:
Fedora :x:
Hood :x:
Banded top hat :white_check_mark:
Top hat :white_check_mark:
Cape :white_check_mark:
Valkyrie helm :x:
Scarf :white_check_mark:
Fur hood :white_check_mark:
Mysterious mask :white_check_mark:
Iron helmet :white_check_mark:
Gilded wings :x:
Dual armbands :x:
Dual bracelets :x:
Scary hat :white_check_mark:
Amulet [Poor] :white_check_mark:
Amulet [Dull] :white_check_mark:

Torso Armor

Leather armor :x:
Wizard robes :x:
Mercenary jacket :x:
Iron armor :white_check_mark:
Warrior’s coat :x:
Hunting armor :x:
Maid Top :white_check_mark:

Leg Armor

Leather pants :x:
Wizard pants :x:
Mercenary boots :x:
Iron boots :x:
Warrior’s boots :white_check_mark:
Hunting boots :white_check_mark:
Maid skirt :white_check_mark:
Skirt :white_check_mark:

And other items that are not included in the trello.
Yes I didn’t make any rare because I don’t even have enough to do it.


As you can see, it got incorrect and added 1 crown, I’m pretty sure this was a rounding problem. I suggest you get 1 or 2 more crowns before enchanting/forging

In other cases, it’s good


I originally wanted to add bulk-enchanting/forging, however, as I mentioned, I had like 1 day of knowledge, most of the stuff here was made from tutorials. The code is very bad, like honestly very bad. I don’t think I’ll add more features except for the items.

When AO releases, I’ll revamp it and add more quality-of-life features. But for now, I’ll just leave the site be.

The end

I hope this helps you in planning your gameplay instead of spending 10 minutes waiting for alchemists and metalworkers to wake up just to realize you do not have enough crowns

Website link: AO Calculator


Wow, this is great! It’s surprising to see how many talented people are on the forums.


Thank you! I actually spent my whole day making this :frcryin:


I wish I could force myself to do something more productive then stalk the trello and forums all day

You just gotta find something you love. I was like “maybe I should do something for the game”, then this idea appeared in my mind and I just began doing it.

Floor your values, don’t round at the end


Update log 1:

Added 7 items:
  • Cape
  • Straw Hat
  • Mysterious Mask
  • Banded Top Hat
  • Skirt
  • Iron Helmet
  • Fur Hood

Missing WOJ image