Short Story: a storm is coming

Inside a luxurious Samerian mansion, three figures sat facing eachother near a square wooden table. They quietly ate their dinner together. One wore a red cloak that hid his face; one wore a blue musketeer hat with a suit and a cape; and one wore brown wizard robes with long hair.

“The time is near,” the hooded figure spoke. His voice was raspy and deep, sending unsettling shockwaves to those who feared him. Clearly, this was not the case for the other two. “General Argos is dead. Fort Talos is in ruins. The Bronze Legion has been weakened. Foxy did a great job back there.”

“Ravenna will be the first to fall.” The hooded figure announced. “I already have eyes and ears in there. They’ve told me that Mayor Tilly will be visiting in a few days.”

“Have the Tiberian separatists received our support?”

“Yes, they have gotten our arms and ammunition shipped to them. They will deal with Mayor Tilly to cause extra confusion. Of course, if things go wrong, it will be theirs to blame……”

“I have everything planned. We will storm the callisto itself. I will jailbreak the prisoners in the eternal mines so they cause enough havoc to distract the Bronze Legion,” the man with the musketeer hat explained.

“What about that blasted General Julian?”

“… Foxy can handle him.”

“He’s a curse user. He can’t be defeated easily.”

“I’ll figure something out. I will take on King Calvus. Alone.”

The trio finished their meal and the long haired girl left. The man walked out to the balcony and gazed upon the stars. They offered him little comfort.

“Remember what you told me,” the hooded figure spoke, “nothing can matter more than this mission. Not even the lives of the ones you care about the most.”

“I understand.”

“With the death of King Calvus, the Ravenna Realm will be in ruins. But just to be safe, if possible, I want you to find all of his surviving relatives - his brother, his children - and deal with them swiftly. We cannot allow the Ravenna Realm to regain their strength.”

“Once King Calvus is dead, sail directly to Sameria. I’ve already established bases here. I will send her to recover the glass curse and you can lay low for a while.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good luck, brother.”

This is a small piece of lore for Mikhail btw

I love this piece about a group of nationalists trying to topple monarchies.

However I wouldn’t call the Tiberians “separatists”, I would just call them rebels, as they wanted a monarchy with a better ruler, not their independence.