[Short story] Deaht

I want to dip into the writing world so here is just a bit of writing coz why not.

The winds of Magius flowed as normal as it usually did, literally sweeping up everything because of all those magic users wrecking the trees. Now we have climate change on our hands.
We can’t really escape this south eastern area of Magius because someone thought it would be funny to make the rest of Magius look like sea using some weird magic. So now we are isolated in the middle of an ocean, though Bronze Grasslands appeared about 6 months ago.
The usual young magic users decided to destroy FUCKING EVERYTHING and now my hometown of Bell Village is a bunch of rubble and the Bell has been melted into bullets. Those damn Magic Council just plunged us to more destruction by covering the entire village in Ash. I can’t walk this far to the other villages since Bell Village is far from the other populated areas. We would be going to New Alalea but uh… we fucking can’t or we drown.
And nothing has really progressed for the last 6 months… other than continuous murder by people in guilds, people lost their heads after Halloween, someone went flying into the sky using paper magic, and the Minotaur destroyed The Silent Tower.
Hey where did Magius go? Why are we on an island?
Looks at Morden Who the fuck are you?



I like it. The explanations for everything. Do the same thing but for NPC’s. Since they went from moving to stationary.

this is the best line


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I was ascending to God hood.