Should client sided PVP be removed in TGR?

Currently, World of Magic’s PVP system is client sided; everyone hates this. But, with the new changes coming in the TGR, should Vetex remove client-side (cs) PVP?

Think about it, one of the main reasons WoM has been laggy is from the size of the map and the NPCs. With these two features being changed, AO won’t be as laggy as it has been for a few months. If Vetex were to remove cs PVP in AO, PVP wouldn’t be THAT laggy, right? I’m pretty sure AA didn’t have cs, and PVP wasn’t laggy in AA.

So, keeping all of this in mind, should client-sided PVP be removed in the TGR? Why or why not?
  • YES! :nod:
  • Um, no.

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I would have to say yes, since I don’t think it make AO that much laggier.

What about you guys? What do you think?

Well, I would say yes. There is some problems to this though

He would have to practicly remake the spell system, as it can now be hacked again.

Other then that, yeah

I would say yes, but I don’t wanna take risks since that could cause so many problems.
Unless it’s proven that it can work without totally destroying the game, I will vote no.

Pretty sure vetex already knows how to fix the client-side issues in PvP now without taking the risk of making it all server-sided. Better to not risk all the possible side effects that could end up in it being worse (etc. landing a hit on your own client but it not registering damage, I prefer getting hit when I’m actually not hit).


yea, if it becomes server sided, there is a chance of a client being able to x-ray entities, it’s happed in Phantom once or twice.

But that being said Phantom also found a way to solve this sooooooooooo…

No, unless Vetex adds potato mode.

if possible option

It would lag it significantly more but if it didn’t J would say yes.

Aren’t client-side things hackable? I don’t know much about game development, but I’ve heard that client-side things can easily be edited by hacked clients.

If you edit things client sided, only you will see the change and no one else. You need to hack things SERVER side in order for everyone else to be affected. Client sided games are pretty hard to hack

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Yeah i do not give a fuck how laggy the game gets. I would rather walk around at 50 motherfucking seconds per frame. NOT FRAMES PER SECOND. SECONDS. PER. FRAME. then have to go through the unriddled hell of having my attacks supposedly hit spot on but miss and the ball that clearly looked like it missed hit me spot on while im trying to punish the misaim.

You realize that’s literally playing WoM blindfolded right?

Doesn’t happen, this only happens on server sided attacks and it’s client-sided.

This does happen on client side but 50 seconds per frame is 50000% worse.

Also the performance of making it server sided would effects ping, not fps. It actually might increase fps but you have a constant like 700 ping.

Well filtering enabled basically made server side exploits a very difficult option this was also why AA got closed down. Client side exploited only affect you as Kosmo has just said.

But if PVP is clientsided, then the server only knows you’ve hit something because your client sent a packet to the server telling it so. If someone has a hacked client, couldn’t it just tell the server that it hit someone even though it didn’t?

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Yes, that’s possible but we also do ban exploiters who abuse that.

What is client side pvp exactly?

When it hits in your screen, it does damage to them regardless of what happened on their screen. (Not the only example but the most major example rn)

Stuff is calculated by your client (computer).

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