Should i accept?

well i accpeted it

heck already accepted ;-;


imo it not worth unless you really like sunken (unless you’re going wind or smth and have that knockback)

it is a sunken, but the bad enchant will make it hard to trade with

Oof, that isn’t a great trade. the enchantment on that sunken boot is really bad. oathkeepers people want, but those bad enchanted sunken boots aren’t usable.

Weapons are better than armor that have shitty stats. So idk why you accepted that :fr:

actually speaking its a very good trade
we don’t know what the fuck will happen to boss items, and sunken at least keep value

even if those boots themselves are shitty,
you could add them to sweeten the deal for other sunken pieces
overall good trade

oathkeeper is shit now anyways

Dragon makes a good point.

my main reason why i accpeted is that boss items r getting removed

I hope the knockback rework suggestion gets accepted

trash item for trash item
sunken boots though is probably the worst looking sunken piece of all

Nobody likes wet pants, especially forcefully wet pants

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Little do people know that having just a little bit of knockback in your build makes Duration for placed explosions suddenly useful. It definitely was worth it.


Every attack cancels the enemy’s current velocity.

is that how knockback works?

Knockback cancels the target’s current velocity, and then applies temporary knockback (which in this case would be very small) for a brief period then lets you go. A 5 Duration explosion spell would do that 5 times in like 2 seconds, so it would be much more likely to deal full damage.

It also is very effective with Blast spells since you can effectively cancel the opponent’s T jump with a well timed Blast.

Would utilizing knockback in placed explosions be more effective with shockwave or sphere?

Both are effective but shockwaves would definitely be better for keeping an opponent grounded.

Time to experiment.