Should i change my health build?

im using hard iron armor, hard iron boots, hard iron helmet, hard power amulet (dull) and forceful defense amulet (dull) all are lvl 90.
im wondering if i should sacrifice some health to get more damage with items that have power or strength stats

Depends on your playstyle really. I used to have a very similar build on my explosion file that had 1,292 health and did 100 damage per blast. It was fun and effective enough. However, most people will tell you that 90 power and 800-1000 total hp are the best to have for a build. 1,200 health and low power is pretty fun for PvE (other than bosses, it’s a nightmare for those) but people will tell you that the best items are wizard pieces, defense amulet, and power amulet, all with either the hard or powerful enchants. It’s really preference. If you wanna pvp though then I would do less health and more power. This shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t pvp though. Even with 1,292 health, 0 power, and a skill issue playstyle, I managed to get 20-30 kills from fights I didn’t even start before I switched to hybrid build.

tl;dr: If you pvp a lot, put in more power, but don’t go any lower than 800 hp. If you don’t pvp, do whatever you wan’t really. It just might make it harder to win fights.

its better to use hard exiled rather than hard iron. or hard sunken

but otherwise, if you like having lots of health, try a 1022 build

  • hard wizard
  • hard power amulet
  • hard defence amulet

leaves you with 69 power (nice) and 1022 hp. decent damage and health.
then again, its up to you. i only know two people who use max health so i cant give much of an opinion. though i have used hp builds with wind and i didnt have much fun with them.

i can never get hard defense, its just so ironic to me

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