Should I quit AO (likely for good)?

developers that care about a balanced pvp scene will usually end up having a somewhat decent pvp scene. deepwoken collects usage statistics (things all serious competitive games do) for balancing, and they’re fairly balanced with some cheese falling through rarely

If you don’t want to play AO, then don’t play AO. It’s as simple as that. There shouldn’t be any obligation to play something you don’t like.

You probably won’t keep playing even if i don’t tell you to. Vetex isn’t in support of a PVP oriented game and as he said before, ‘this game will NEVER have combat focused updates’. The game will build up it’s story, have balance changes and such but it won’t ever be tailored towards your playstyle I don’t think. But at the end of the day, It’s your choice; he might change plans, maybe you will change how you want to play. I think It’s too early to decide for a game that has still barely begun what it was intended for. Vetex wants this game to be his masterpiece so we’ll be waiting for a while.

PS: If you do end up deciding to quit, I’ll take the seasonals if you don’t want them ;]

Dawg, vetex is mad about how toxic the pvp community tends to be. Thats the fault of both the people and, more than is probably expected, the game mechanics. As long as youre not a toxic person theres no reason for you to just up and leave the game. Its not like vetex doesnt want players, he just doesn’t want the toxicity. He said allat mostly as a reaction to how the community talked about the update, hes got emotions too, hes said before AO is always gonna be a mix of pvp and pve id say the most that might change is how pvp itself is implemented.

Yeeeaaahh, get yo archen’ behind off my Arcane Odyssey and go pollute another game neeeerrrdd.

Jokes aside, I’d suggest stepping back for a bit and trying out other games. Like, no matter who you are, you’ll burn out of AO eventually. If you’re in for the PVP, maybe try something else for a bit? Idk.

Like I said in SO,
it doesn’t matter if the game isn’t PVP-focused

If you like the pvp, then play how you like (as long as you’re not being rude to others or breaking rules)
If you don’t, then play another game, or even take a break

i like skyrift but its dead af

ah, that sucks
can’t have a good amount of pvp or fun for long with a low amount of players

You can maybe leave for a while and play occasionally

If u want to 1v1 I can but I suck and idk if my timezone is suitable