Should I quit AO (likely for good)?

I’m a pvp enjoyer. AO isn’t for me.

  • Yes
  • No
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if you do quit can i have your seasonals and headlesses :innocent:

this isnt really new by any means? its just saying vetex wont be making pvp related updates, which he hasnt since clans in wom

pvp will still exist as is and will continue to be balanced, there just wont be pvp oriented full updates which is entirely understandable, the games balance takes forever and usually updates cant even get most their proposed balance features, so itd be better not to add more to pvp and make it even harder

but does this mean i should quit ao to move to a more pvp-oriented game

are you playing only for pvp? because if you are id say its probably better to play a game where you wont need to grind for hours to keep up with the meta

if you enjoy the game play it
if you dont dont play it


I mean unless you’re part of the people constantly complaining and doom posting, I don’t see how this really affects you.


do you enjoy pvp in its current state? ignoring balancing of course its not going to change much except for when the combat does

its not like vetex is removing pvp

likely, but i feel like theres something better available out there

if you find better games that you enjoy and you dont like ao then play those games? i think thats common sense


hop on an rts parry based games SUCK!

1 hour long parry trades?

You should like, give me all of your cool stuff if you do, pretty please?

If you still having fun then no, if you aren’t having fun then go play something else that is pvp focused, AO isn’t that type of game.

It’s all depends on you really, you shouldn’t go ask people if you should quit or not, who knows, maybe you might have fun pvpeing in AO again.

ao is almost never being fully balanced :sob:

…or is that the same for many other pvp games?

While there are defiantly meta picks for fighting games, you can typically beat A/S rank characters with D-F rank characters if you’re good enough

Well, if you can put up with the semi balanced state then you can stay. Vetex stated he doesn’t wanna deal with PvP that much anyway

The game will never be balance with the shit ton of weapons, fighting styles, magic, spirit weapons, armors, scrolls, spells, techniques, skills, rites and so much god dang more.

I mean he only calls out the PvPers who basically rant and rave over the most minute shit, and you are not that type of person as far as I know

But I digress, it is basically your ultimate decision to stay or not

You don’t ever have to feel obligated to play any game, if you don’t enjoy something then you don’t have to force yourself to play it, but you can look back on the good ol days.

(I learned this with Team Fortress 2, I don’t wanna see that game or community ever again)