Should I switch my Fighting style? (Savant question)

Hello! I’m a Wind and Ice Savant and had Iron leg as my Fighting style.

My stats are.
110 Magic
80 Strength
50 Weapons

Both PvP and PvE I experience I usually barely used my Iron Leg due how I usually died when I switched to using Iron Leg ability (It’s mostly my skill issue)

So my question is, should I change my FS? or keep the Iron Leg because it’s high damage and ice damage multiply on bleed?

Wind/Ice mage

As a side note, you’re probably best off running sailor, but I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna go for that because of the Ice + Sailor combo.

I lack 20 strenght for Sailor, so that is not an option till the level cap get increased.

also, I have another Mage build, but for now, I’m talking about Savant

Your only solid choices are either Basic Combat (for the crash distance) or Iron Leg with it’s decent AoE and damage but crappy crash distance.

I’d rather choose Iron Leg due to the low AoE of Wind, at least I’d have an alternative for AoE attacks.

Maybe I’ll keep Iron leg, however change how I used the ability

1.2x isn’t low at all.

You can just use weapons to inflict bleed as an alternative. If your first magic is Wind I highly advise you to switch to boxing for block passive and maneuverability.

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