Should I use bows in WoM combat?

I’m an ice magic user, at least on my main save. Since ice does great damage against bleeding players, should I use bows alongside the defensive playstyle I use? If so, what bows SHOULD I use? Not much of an important question, but I’m considering using bows regularly to combo. (Vistarian culture btw :fr:)

For some reason, the Branch Bow (avaliable to all cultures) is actually the most damaging of them all the last time I checked.

If you’re going to use bows, then you’ll have to focus on your aim first because bow bleed is nothing if you dont hit anything. Also, you need to worry about your arrow supply constantly.

Ever since the weapon nerf the only thing weapons are good at is inflicting bleed. Theoretically, they’re supposed to work well with ice magic, but I don’t use ice so I can’t really judge.

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Ok, but you need a shield because it blocks with your hands while using bow if you don’t have a shield.

Yes, I do have a shield and use it frequently

use anything but crossbow. Forget what culture that is, but since bows are only really useful for the bleed right now, something FAST so you can use it more would be better.

I suggest keeping all types of weapons in your hotbar in case of dirt aim or close-range combat, then you can use a sword or dagger. Or better yet team with a player with bleeding magic like metal or glass

necro bump lol

Didn’t check the date lol

Bruh only weapons you will ever need is-

Sunken sword, (Or old sword or cutlass if you are poor)

However, if you are a strength main, just use anything that is NOT dual daggers or shortsword (oath pog for strength main tho)