Should I waste my bobux to buy access to arcane odyssey before it's free?

I really do not know should I buy or not.
Help please :frcryin:

  • Yes
  • No

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100 bobux for getting to play a masterpiece of a game a few months early is well worth it imo

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I don’t know why u wouldn’t

buy if you’re willing to see ao in an incomplete state

Are you planning on using those rorux on something else? Is that (possible) something(s) else (more) important to you? If your answer to both of these questions’s a no and you really want to play AO early, i don’t see why not.

honestly , for me only if you will get some rewards for that

Vetex confirmed there won’t be some kind of limited reward for buying paid access

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i don’t know if data will be wiped / rollbacked after early access
do you want to have a front step advantage whether it be equipment or skill?
do you want to spend a few dollars for more entertainment and memories?
do you have a feeling to fight against already good players first before fighting newer ones?
are you patient enough to wait for it to go f2p and spend it on a game which will be paid access forever?

thats the only reasons i can find

I doubt it, or there’s basically be no point in playing early access

It’s not a waste if what you’re buying is good

@anon32468667 noob u gonna be poor when ao releases for free

$1.25 seems like a good deal getting to play a game 3-5 months early but idk I might also consider doing it on an alt in case something goes terribly wrong with the code. or I might just make a TU file for it

I need 36 more robux to buy access to arcane odyssey when it will be early access :frcryin:

chill u got till late 2022

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