Should new magic suggestions be banned from suggestions?

The reason why im saying this is because of the surge of lost/primordial magic suggestions that have been showing up recently, and a good majority of those arent so great

It depends, a lot of them just don’t seem to fit in game, and some just sound unoriginal. I’d say we have enough planned magics, but the only thing is that there are too many fire type magics, both existing and planned, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have more suggestions as long as they are:

  1. Not a fire type magic
  2. Has effort put into it
  3. Fits the game and isn’t far fetched or outright crazy

If it were banned, then we wouldn’t have the idea of Equinox being in the game. Even though most are… creative and just bad for the most part, some of them seem pretty koala and are good ideas for the game. It’s almost like the chance of a sunken sword, there’s just a rare chance you’ll find a good one.

I don’t think it would be fair to prevent people from making a certain type of suggestion just because some are bad. There’s always going to be bad suggestions in any category. This is also a bit awkward for me because I was going to suggest a lost magic type too.

Equinox suggestion was a long time ago.

I just double-checked the recent suggestions, and I only saw one bad new magic suggestion, and it was clearly a joke (Not that joke suggestions have any place here anyway). To be honest, I feel like this would be a bit of an overreaction.

frostburn magic :fr: that one offered nothing new

When was that?

Frostburn magic was suggested yesterday.

Most bad new magic suggestions are covered under some other rule.

IMO magic suggestions aren’t even the worst offender for “consistently garbage” - boss suggestions are typically worse. That being said, I don’t think we should blanket-ban anything, because suggestions as a whole are pretty consistently garbage and it’s just a fact of life that you need to sift through that if you want to find the good ones.