Should Prom flame exist?

Okay, hear me out: I think Promethean Flame should not be removed but should be appropriately scaled with other primordials. Even though lore wise it is much stronger, it can be more stronger in just one area. For example-DOT or AOE. What do you think? Should it still be removed? Why?

Having it strong in one area will make at least one of the other grand fire magics totally useless.

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having it strong in one area just makes it the other grand fire magic

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So, if there could be a change to balance it, what would you do?

give up


It’s been 5 minutes, Final verdict, Prom Flame is eternally doomed

The purpose of Promethean flame in-lore is to be the strongest curse and magic, and for the sake of game balancing it just can’t be that in-game.

But if it’s not as strong as it’s supposed to be, what point is there for even having it in the game when it’ll be nothing more than redundant?


I mean prom flame would be cool but i can relaly only see it as a custom spec, if people wanted prom fire in the game they would either want the full sketch or nothing simply

Being stronger in one area is literally the point of the other grand fire curses.

the only good idea to put it in the game is to give it to an npc, but arcane adventures sort of already ran Prom Flames course.

absolutely not.


Fuck no :-1::-1::-1:
And for other reasons than “it would be overused qnd i dont like it”

It’s too much to just be an obtainable magic
you can instead make weapons/accessories associated with Prometheus flame to make them feel important

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I’d say ancient magics would be powerful enough on their own, and there being a most powerful ancient magic is kind of dumb.
Plus we already have a bunch of other flame magics planned.

I know literally everyone would use it, so unless it’s only a Boss that uses it, no.