Should the brig have an alternative? (or future ships having one?)

Pre-dark sea, we had only the Ketch and Caravel. In most cases, the ketch was the superior option, but caravels could definitely compete with them.
For a comparison: Ketches have superior speed, firepower (+1 cannon), space, and an extra deckhand slot.

However, caravels have significantly better turning, which meant they could do crazy maneuvers and tricks around ketches (especially around the Redwake stone pillars.) Ketches were also bigger, which meant that they were easier to hit. Caravels can also use rams, while ketches can’t, allowing them to out speed ketches temporarily.

In the end though, most players used ketches since they were generally better in most cases, but there was a clear choice in whether you wanted to use a caravel or ketch, both with their advantages and disadvantages.

Fast forward to the Dark Sea update, we got the Brig, which obviously blows the two ships out of the water (haha). There’s just no competition, the Brig has significantly better health, speed, turning, cannons, deckhands, and a siege weapon. The brig is also more drippy, with lots of customization and a personalized captains quarters with custom decal pictures. Oh…and the brig is also required if you wanna do serious Dark Sea runs.

This isn’t to the say the brig is a bad addition (it’s not), but it would be nice if in the future we had two competing ship types like back then with the caravel and ketch so that there is more ship variety. It would make ship combat more interesting.


The only way this could happen again is if the frigate has no ram and lower turning (similar to ketches vs caravels. Otherwise this will likely have to wait till vetex has time to add non progression ships :

Since these are basically supposed to be straight up upgrades to their predecessor