Should the Hard enchant be nerfed?

Sometimes, when i’m theorizing my build, I often realize that the Hard enchantment is REALLY good. In some cases, it’s even better than the defense amulet itself.

Picture this. I am making an Agility build, but to give myself more versatility I save 1 Accessory slot and 3 Enchantment slots for Power and Defense.

If I equip a Defense Amulet and use all 3 Enchantments for Strong, i’m “rewarded” with 24 Power and about 120 Defense (at level 80)

If I equip a Power Amulet and use all 3 Enchantments for Hard, i’m rewarded with 26 Power and 210 Defense (again at level 80)

I think you can see the balancing issue here. No matter which way you look at it, enchanting your gear with Hard and opting for a Power Amulet over a Defense Amulet is always the better option for hybrids.

  • Nerf Hard Enchantment
  • Buff Power Amulets or Strong Enchantment
  • Don’t change anything

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It doesn’t really make sense that an enchantment scales better than gear that focuses on defense. It should be cut to 5-6 defense per 10 levels rather than 8.75 defense.

yeah it needs to be nerfed. the “meta” gear at the moment is power gear with hard enchants.