Should the mods raise the age requirement for new users on the forums?

Discussion post.
Ive noticed that some of the more problematic users are those who are of the age of 13. My theory is that if we cut them out of the equation the forums would, overall, be a more hospitable place. Of course we should still allow current 13 year olds to stay on the forums, because it would be cruel to not have a transitional period. Perhaps it could be a rarely called upon rule only to take down problematic users. What do you all think?

13 is fine because its the typical age of becoming a teen
most “problematic” users are under 13 anyways

Maybe? Eh, not like that’s too possible thanks to discord.

I believe the reason why the forums and many other websites such as discord have a 13 years of age minimum is due to internet laws, hence why the age minimum is 13. At 13 it’s mostly considered that you are more mature and is the age when you are considered a teenager and can think more for yourself

… you made another alt

nobody wants to join a wiki to tell you to bugger off. The reply limit is there so that new people can’t flood the forums with hate. If you continue to use the forum as a place to spread drama, then you will meet the fate of RB1 and Zephyr. This is your final goddamned warning.

No, but anyone under that should not be allowed

Looking at you Adiris

As you brought this subject up I might as well display my opinion on it. The age of 13 is most definitely the most appropriate age to have as a minimum to join the forums, ALTHOUGH, this does not mean you can’t have people who are, for instance, older than 13, who are much less immature than the average 13 year old. Furthermore, you could still have users under 13 who can still demonstrate maturity which could be seen as more ‘older’ (Although this is a very rare case, of course). But, alas, as we can’t set a minimum requirement to be on the forums as some sort of Maturity rating or something based off someone’s general intelligence, 13 is very much the correct age to be allowed on this site.
tl:dr: it depends

So what your saying is that itd be better to have an maturity requirement rather than an age requirement? Seems like a pretty interesting idea

It’s fine as is imo. If Discord can get away with this requirement then the forums of all places should be fine. A lot worse happens on Discord a lot often compared to anything you’ll find here.

the age requirement on discourse by default is like 16

To some extent, yeah, but of course, that wouldn’t be possible.