Should the Shields have a bashing ability?

im curious if yall would like that idea too ? it would look like the a charge . since the shield isnt that great and not many people use it , they use it for durabilty and that it . i really think having a Shield Bash would be awsome function to the game . what yall think?

like crash for shields? idk since the point of shields is that you sacrifice having more skills for more blocking resistance but i wouldnt be against it once other weapons get their 3rd skills

shield shouldnt get any more after that tho

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shield is underrated, shield bash is a really good grab and shield throw is good for comboes

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I used shields, they’re good but its just the durability that throws away the pros of the shield. When broken u cant use it for 5 minutes

thats true the shield grab is very good , but what i mean is a shield crash , it would be more usefull if they had something like that added .

having a shield charge would be better . people would love to use the shields

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