Should we send double to the shadow realm

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • YES
  • Y E S

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@coolcat why dont u vote Y E S

looks like everyone wants it
bless you all

Dang @anon50359812 are we gonna hunt him down? IS HIS GUILD NEXT?

Nah, jk, jk


No for real tho I not the guy to destroy someone’s guild

yes let’s send him to the shadow realm he did the bad deeds

@DoubleRun vote yes so you can shit on everyone that is in the shadow realm rn, we’ll pull you out after about 30 seconds, just say the most gay and racist shit you can come up with to trigger these losers

Y E S dew it


its ironic that the person we are wanting to be sended to the shadow realm voted for that to happen


it just shows that he wants to participate in the operation

whoo is double

Someone who recently got involved in controversy about being friends with an horrible person and refusing to break the friendship.

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thank yous!