Show me weird stuff from the internet

extratone is good wdym

I watched 10 seconds of it

Frisk and the others looks like something I’d see on a youtube kids channel that consists of knockoffs of cartoons

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same, and you are correct

To the soul not the ear

I think my soul shriveled up a little just by seeing that image

Edit: Shin Godzilla ost played while I was looking at the first 5 minutes of the video. It’s not fitting…

this is the greatest song of all time


the one fact of the forums
Specifically this playlist

(click on watch on youtube and die at the cringe on the right playlist bar :skull:)
Send help

(real comic covers btw)

the hell???

those are actually real

superman is a baddie???

yeah the people behind superman found they would get a fuckton of sales if they did the clickbaity shit with the comic covers

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on the topic of hugbees videos