Show me your character's drip, lore, stories etc

So I got kinda interested in writing stories and stuff for my characters (yes, seethe and mald about it because I’m roleplaying in a genre that’s literally called ‘role-playing game’) and a year ago a friend and I made a trello with our character’s information and lore and stuff like that. Those stories I made sucked ass though (except for one, it was alright) and I also might or might not have made the trello a dumpster fire mess because I added too much

so I just wanna see your characters and stories instead before I remake mine. Mostly just asking for other people’s because I wanna see how other people format it and stuff. And also I like seeing how people can be creative with their character drip and stuff like that (but mostly about the stories yes)


This is my oc he can one shot zeno by sneezing

(Character stories currently nonexistent unfortunately)

I have some images tho if u want me to pull those up

sure :+1:


Last one is insanely outdated

different approach than mine, I usually base my characters off of the color of the magic or a color scheme of 1-3 colors

almost every single one of the pictures on my trello is outdated but heres a couple that arent

^ this one kinda basic bitch though i stole made it over a year ago

Same lfmao

Imagine being the antagonist but also being the only one without a edgy title
oh nevermind theres andy

“Old man murders town”

If we talk about WoM characters
i have these guys

the pics are terribly outdated
ill make a summary on each of their stories

Adiran is basically a Summer Hold knight that swears protecting its citizens (changing that to Redwake when AO drops)

Aiza is a townie from Ironport that recently awoke to magic and always felt like exploring the world that was seen in the distance from Ironport (Changing her to be born on Palo Town and she is also exploring the world to sell merch too)

Kendrick is a townie from Bell Village that got lost after fleeding Bell Village during an attack by dark wizards, while that he asked the mc help and he awoke to magic a somewhat after (Im still keeping this when AO drops but i may change where he resides)

Aaron (totally chaging his name when AO drops) he was born on a family of thieves so evil shit and stuff, he one day awoke to magic and started to cause problems around riverville yet he always gets caught by MC captains and swears to some day kill one (keeping this too, just change stuff to the great navy)

Valerie is a resident of Summer Hold and she was living a normal life, until , during a threat, her parents were accidentally killed by some MC Soldiers, once she awoke her magic, she wanted to get revenge on the mc (changing the mc stuff again and making her a Frostmill resident)

Nathan is a bounty hunter that, instead of getting criminals and dark wizards, he takes the bounty dark wizards put on some wizards, when he awoke to ash magic, he finally found it as a great tool to get more difficult bounties by villians

i may show how the first 3 look tho

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have the three im talking about

Spencer Allen

Clarisse Lewis

And finally Matt Clark

(i love the new designs i made for them because the past ones were too lame)


thinking about making an entire continuous story for this guy (my evil main)

Oh fucking boy how to put this into words ahem
So October 2020 I got a glimpse of wom for a week chose plasma nova since i loved red and plasma was the most out standing then i went off for a year. came back talked to mino :sob: got into pvp with ghostintheblock (fat asshole never touches grass) pressured me to delete it so i did. January ( i think) I was like you know what I kinda miss it imma make it again with the same name and hair and I did
TLDR: picked plasma asshole said plasma bad and talk to mino so delete and make months later

Name: tangler
Origin: tangler
Lore: tangler
Known for: tangler


I forgot I never gave him a title, wtf :skull:

i got something more simple.
you see when the weapons update came out i really wanted a shortsword. and my friend who always played with me got one. so he gave it to me. free of charge
to this day. and even in arcane odyssey. im treasuring that weapon.

now that i think of it. in every game i got a “treasure” item xd


Let’s see… light and shadow files give the impression of the same person but slightly different, two-sides of the same person (sad I don’t have another headless or vanity slot)
Paper file is a sibling of another forumer’s file with the SaloreTM bracelet (you could probably guess which magic)
Ice file is cool and is more defensive
Fire file is just full magic and deadly. Might give her nova plasma later.
Wind file gives the impression that they use magic only to enhance and as extensions of their physical abilities (as seen through some of their casting styles, e.g. punch wind beam)

All of them except file 3 are based on characters from a story I made a while ago. Ace Grey being the main character, Frederick being a tactical, defensive ice mage, Agatha being an old, feared and deadly mage of fire and Zamir being a powerful sword fighter that uses magic specifically to empower his weapon attacks (also “evil” at some point).

I can’t explain all my character’s lore because it would be too much, but I can put some characters I have the idea how they look (though redesign might happen to fit the context of each setting)

Young Revenant

Micheal Woodrow (Rosabel older brother)

Rosabel Woodrow Hideyoshi (Micheal’s younger sister, married to Kouji Hideyoshi)

"Daniel" Kouji Hideyoshi (a husband to Rosabel, sometimes called Daniel by some)

Gotou Ryoma (an EX yakuza and close friend to Kouji) usually called by nickname “Gotoro”

Zhou Cheng (a Chinese dude who is known for his cooking skill)

Fritz Rahardian (half Javanese half Dutch who always until he becomes rich)

Alan Keith Morgenstein (A son of a mafia family who becomes a failing artist, and kind of lazy)

Old Revenant

Aster Phillips (Lady who is known for receiving tons of hits either a sword or bullet)

Edward Tobacco (A sailor and a proud father in his living age, and a brother to Henry Cane)

Henry Cane (A pirate who will do things that convienient and a brother to Edward)

Nigel Kynaston (Once a slave, now a jaded free man)

Gaylord Beauregard (A hard-working student with a powerful magic artifact inside him)


Dorianne Grandhorn II (A student, a friend, a tyrant, and the one who started other’s vampire journey)

Jango (Once a mad warrior, now a best friend you can always count on)

A Native American I don’t know to name yet

Elizabeth Gold (From a cult family, now is free with her friends)

Robert Kennith (A person with only left hand, kind of lazy but cares a lot to someone he cares)

yeah, I got shit ton of em and I might going to store them all in trello

for me my treasure item was a Swift Old Spear that I randomly got on one of my villain files when I was leveling up with my friends. I named the spear “Stabby” and then I went around piercing all of the civilians. Still have that spear today one one of my files lol