Show me your rivals! Or images from when you beat them!

Heres a few images of me and price, a guy who im pretty sure is an extremely agile warrior. I also recorded a video or two of me fighting and hunting him down

Price in prison! :slight_smile:

Price defeated in the swamp lands!

wait… IT’S REAL


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he might actually be the warrior we’ve heard in legends, pure of heart and awakened by fury…

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Chavez, my boxing-sailor rival

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Damn you sneaked him.

Old pic

she kinda cute tho I wish I could befriend her

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Whats her build?

Hayes. Apparently criminals are supposed to change one of their weapons every time you fight them, but Hayes has always used a spear and nothing else. She has a lot of health, too. Makes me think she’s probably a Knight who has 2 weapon slots permanently unused since spirit weapons aren’t added. I’m going to incorporate all of that into her character when I write her in my stories.

Her personality is super fun to write, and she’s probably the 3rd most important character next to Benjamin and Simon. Also she’s going to carry around an insane amount of spears, no matter how impractical it is. Imagine this but every weapon is a spear:

Casey being Casey.

This man is onto something when it comes to being mobile. He has double Leap Ults on his Wind and Crystal Magic. And tops it all off with his Cannon fist and Sailor fist shenanigans.

A very fitting and fun rival to have, someone that follows the path of mobility and aggressiveness. While also making an effort to surprise me virtually almost every fight.

Couldn’t ask for a better rival.


Though he can be a bit of a hassle, he does not pull his punches. And he rightfully shouldn't.

Basic-Thermo Berserker

I havent fought her since Nimbus tho, ill go home and try to fight her

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Also I wrote a lot of her lore

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Updated drip

Here’s the single picture that I have of my rival when he is idle.

The first time I beat him after he reached level 260. Fighting this guy over 280 times made me pretty decent at dodging his attacks.

He also does extremely high damage

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I do not think small is actually small but might be me idk

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