Show me your worst looking characters

So I own this joke account/file called AaronTheGodOfShadows, ign is Aaron Salore, and it is a tyrant rep shadow user with an absolute ASS character and edgy af guild on it. I’m too lazy to grab the screenshots but yeah it’s your garbage stereotypical edgelord (mismatching leather armor, spikey hair, randomly colored accessories that make it look terrible)

But since I’m too lazy to find THAT character, I was logging into random alts, and I found another shadow user alt and it was a 20TH GEN. Yes that’s not much but with the rate i create and delete characters it’s kinda insane that I still have it. Insane that I made it literally a year ago. Anyways here’s the character



oh my god I just remembered that since it’s a year old it has completely different moves

the moves I made were so ass :skull:


-17 infamy

Exiled grinding file

made this guy intentionally goofy (the shirt is extremely new, before I just had a white tanktop on the guy) under that tophat hes bald and under that blindfold he got them unibrow eyes :smirk:

it may or may not have been for donating infamy to some people…

ok that one isn’t terrible, it at least uses merc armor instead of leather/iron which only degrades from the look of the character 98% of the time

lmao thats alt farming

I just 1v1’d some people but I was so terrible at the time that I lost every single match. I think 3 of the people were guild leaders? Idk but that would explain why it’s so low. Oh yeah I think I got rked on it as well

I inherently dont have any bad looking charactersss
here they are

I changed how the first file looks and i removed the skirt from my second one
here are the pics that prove it

rip paperwork

And here are my other 3

I gave the third one the the hunting armor chestpiece with torso off and removed the scarf

tbh i only like file 2 from ur first ss and file 3 on your second ss

i try not to make my characters look bad so its hard to find one :fr:
maybe my ink???

mine was one of my earliest files lmao it was bald with orange clothes and wind magic since i was on an avatar rewatch binge

My evil character with Plasma Magic

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