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Yall got any tv shows that someone who hasn’t seen them… GOTTA see them?

My recommendation to all is avatar last airbender and maybe the sequel if ur really into it

if you like cartoons n’ stuff try The Owl House, Adventure Time, Amphibia and She-ra (the new version ofc)

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Full metal alchemist brotherhood,Death note,and konosuba

death note is some big brain moments

konosuba is wack,but i like it

haven’t watched FMAB

Watch it m8

i know there’s a chick that fixes edward’s arm constantly though

nathan for you, mr robot, better call saul


how to get away with murder
the rising of the shield hero
greys anatomy

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my MAN, all those recommendations are on point :ok_hand:

also infinity train, forgot to add that

yo welcome to forum,and spongebob

Lucifer Season 5 bois…unless you’ve already watched it…

rewatch jojo for the 500th time