Shura doodle

Don’t think I’m gonna finish this one so I’ll just toss it in here


Mf cooking like its Hells kitchen god dam

My oc and myself approves this art of my favorite boy here :+1:

Man i wish the next time we fight him he drops some items like that katana

I SWEAR TO GOD YOUR ART IS SO COOL (complete sentence)

Nothing like drawing Roblox men to improve my hobbies

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Me personally I’d like his mask

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this looks amazing

Damn this is some crazy art man- THIS IS A DOODLE???

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DODDLE!? bro u made a whole masterpiece

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wait im a just say this I didnt see this before

knife, this isnt a “doodle”.
it’s art.

we need more shura love mans did NOT get enough screentime :sob:

My guy really said “eyyo i’m polluting y’alls water? mb” and dipped

he’s kind of a chad for that but also I would like to see him again : (

environmentally unfriendly king. like go girl destroy the natural ecosystem!! as a treat

too peak to be true
its just... so peak

if he becomes a boss that drops loot im getting his drip nothing else matters

This goes hard as hell knife good god

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Tis an honor to hear, especially after my last two posts. Had to remind the forum I don’t always draw thirst or shitposts. Sometimes.