Side missions and story content

Now I know we can all admit that part 1 of the nimbus sea update was short, but what side content are yall looking forward to in parts 2 and 3? Honestly I just want to see whats up with ruby roger since we left him at the lodge as well as where cerunno will be in the later portions of the Nimbus sea.

There’s also the kingdom which we basically had to try out for by destroying a fortified ship as well as the corsair country. Do you guys believe we’ll be able to join either of these factions? Or will we remain only able to join player made clans/the grand navy and assassin syndicate

i’m looking forward to the side quests that seem to be a part of a larger side story, particularly cernunno, maya, and ruby roger

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I’m looking forward to spirit weapons so my class can actually do cool things


Corsair Country seems to be treated as a kingdom rather than a faction. We already have the Assassin Syndicate, and they seem to be working togather so yeah. I dont think we’re joing it as a clan per se.

I know we will be able to join a neutral clan in the future tho (it was in the AO QnA)

Honestly, I want more quests that leads to more worldbuilding tbh

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