Side Stories

helo im new but for some reason im too lazy to make a post introducing myself

so anyways, i’ve seen a problem in the game where there’s not a lot of personality within characters such as Morden, Iris, Neviro, etc. basically every character that actually should have personalities. so i present to u ppl:

side stories =DDD

basically, just stories you can unlock that have you play through characters referred to above, like Morden on his quest to get the death curse, Calvus on his way to be homicidal and more, each story being unlocked at different times like Iris’s being unlocked after chapter 1, Morden’s [death curse quest] after chapter 3, etc. it can give a lot more information on each character’s backgrounds and motives.

also is there anyone from fandom here bc i am a wikian (FireBoi512) and i want to see if there is anyone i actually know from here.


Hello, nice meeting ya. Also welcome to the forums.

I was actually hoping that at some point in the story your character gets trapped or is in some way unable to do anything and you play as a different character for a short while but I feel like this is probably a better way of doing this.


actually would like that a lot
a break from being able to neg absolutely everything with carefully crafted meta builds that do 435 damage per uncharged blast

id like this feature ngl

Welcome to the forums! :confetti_ball:

You’re new so you couldn’t know it but…

This is actually a pretty neat concept.

maybe this could be a way to see what gear the other characters use canonically idk?

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