Sigrid Gold

Some drawings of my MC in Arcane Odyssey! Feel free to ask some questions about her and Im open to request, I’m out of ideas :,)


Is there an explanation for her clown features

Lore reason: (Based on storyline) After arriving in Redwake and on the second day, Sigrid felt very lost. Fresh from the amnesia, she decided to get to know her surroundings and the people more.

After exploring and doing tasks, searching through random chests in the area… she discovers a clown nose and found it the most interesting since it was a vibrant red like her hair. She was clumsy and a little slow, stupid even… and so, she decided— “Yeah, I’ll be a clown since I already AM one.”

And throughout the story, she grew into the character.

Actual reason: Because it reminded me of Buggy (One Piece) LMAO



Existential crisis atm

Is she a goober or a psycopath


We got more art!


This is great art! I know that you are quite new here, and I really like your unique style, so keep it up!

Damn, i didnt knew Clussy the Clown was in ao :joy:

Nice art , good looking character too and [something AWE related…]

Looks like the comments are tame for now

She’s pretty cool, and the simplicity of her design is really nice.

As for questions… What class is she?


You’re awfully normal for a forum user. Too normal…

Cutest clown in the war seas :fire:

She’s a full mage, magma and ash

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